Below is a chart provided and updated each year by Junior Golf Scoreboard to define various scenarios where a player does not complete a round or tournament. These definitions and policies are defined by NJGS and are recognized and followed by the Texas Junior Golf Tour. As of April 1, 2019, the TJGT will no longer be utilizing “Justified Withdrawal.”

Note: Players and parents need to be aware that none of the below delineations have any mathematical affect on a player ranking, other than the official score reported for any completed round(s).

Chart Updated March 18, 2021

Category name Designation Explanation Report to Junior Golf Scoreboard?
No show before competition begins DNS Those players who do not come to the tournament at all NO Each organization handles internally
Disqualified DQ Reserved for actual USGA rules infraction that occurs without a deliberate or managed intention. NOTE:FAILURE TO APPEAR AL ALL FOR A TEE TIME AT ALL IS NOT A DQ. SEE “no show” below. YES + any official scores













Reserved for a deliberate voluntary action or decision not to continue play after having started a competition notified an official, and turned in an official score for the stipulated round(s). OR


Reserved for a player stopping play mid-round who has a compelling visible, verifiable or an extremely very special reason/injury  that is then verified by a doctor or other evidence – otherwise see NC below.

YES + any official scores



No show NS Completed one or more rounds – fails to report for tee time and previously has not notified anyone YES + any official scores


No card

(worst action by player)



After having begun competition – a deliberate decision not to sign or turn in a card, walks off the course, etc.

Proof of medical treatment can change NC to WD (see clarification in notes below). 

YES + any official scores



Please note/understand some explanations of the chart above:

1) A withdraw (WD) will be notated if a player fails to complete a round for any reason, alerts an official as to their decision to withdraw, and has at least one completed round for the tournament. In the above scenario, proof of injury or circumstance will not be required by tournament staff (although they may ask, simply to check on the player’s status).

2) If a player doesn’t show up for his or her tee time on Day 2, that designation will be “NS” (No Show). Alerting tournament staff after the fact will not be sufficient for a WD (instead of a NS).

3) No Card (NC) vs Withdraw (WD) – per the definitions outlined above, a Withdraw is generally only applicable if a player has turned in an official score for a round; thus, any player that decided not to complete Round 1 will be designated as “NC” (No Card) instead of WD because no official score (i.e. no completed round) is able to be reported.

4) Tournament staff are not medically trained, and therefore will not make any judgement calls/decisions on injuries for a player that fails to complete Round 1. If a player decides not to complete Round 1 and wishes to have their status noted as WD instead of NC, the player must submit an official note from a doctor no later than 5PM, 2 days after the tournament’s final round (for example, Tuesday by 5PM for a Saturday-Sunday tournament). Notes can e-mailed to travism@tjgt.com

5) Poor play, lack of practice, general lack of conditioning, etc. will not be accepted as reasons for a WD. There must be a verified illness/injury, noted by a medical professional and provided to TJGT staff. Other extreme circumstances (such as a death in the family) may also be considered if explained, in writing, by the same above deadline.

6) If a player walks off the golf course without alerting a rules official of their decision, that will be designated a NC (No Card), regardless of the reason. Any player that walks off the course without alerting an official more than once may be temporarily or permanently prohibited from playing future TJGT events.

7) Only completed round scores will be submitted to NJGS (and other ranking services). If a player completes part of a round, those scores will not be sent in.