TJGT will award performance points to the top 15 in each division at each tournament. (See points table below). These performance points will be used to assist the TJGT staff in determining invited players for the Invitational events. The point system also determines Players of the Year and All Tour teams for the exciting multi-media Tour Championship Awards Show @ Horseshoe Bay Resort in February each year.


Invitational Events are selected based on overall performance in TJGT, High School, AJGA, USGA events as well as the Golfweek & Jr. Golf Scoreboard Rankings. On each tournament page, you can view the specific invitational exemptions given out to each age division.

TJGT staff will use the current points list and invitational criteria to determine the annual Tour Championship field. TJGT reserves the right to invite top ranked players to ensure the field strength is the strongest available to ensure the Golfweek ranking and the strong AJGA PBE award remains. Awards (top three) will be given for all age divisions at the Tour Championship. For all Invitationals (***) and Majors (##), all girls will play the same yardages for AJGA PBE & Golfweek rankings criteria.

Rankings: The Boys 15-18 and All Girls will be Golfweek ranked events. The Boys 11-14 division is not Golfweek ranked but AJGA has granted Performance Based Entry to the division.

The top five & ties point leaders for all tournaments BEFORE the Tour Championship will be awarded to the All-Tour Teams. The “points chase” will start with the current Tour Championship to the last event prior to next year’s Tour Championship. Players selected will be contacted by TJGT and must make every effort to be present to receive the award.

TJGT will select a Player of the Year in each age division. This player will be the top point leader in each age division.** Players must be present at the championship show to receive the award. This is a very special night in Jr. Golf and TJGT requires the players/families to be present for such a prestigious night of activities.

**The All-Tour Team / Player of the Year points race is calculated starting from the Tour Championship to the last tournament prior to the following year’s Tour Championship.

The top point leader after the last tournament before the annual Tour Championship will be awarded Player of the Year for each respective age division.** This award is given at the annual Tour Championship awards show.

**The All-Tour Team / Player of the Year points race is calculated starting from the Tour Championship to the last tournament prior to the following year’s Tour Championship.

NOTE: TJGT POINT ELIGIBILITY: Please be aware that points will only be awarded to players registered and playing under their one, original membership profile (ID & password). Players playing as non-members with corporate/alliance agreements will not be eligible for points award. There are agreements with corporate alliances that do not have profile access.

A player must earn points in their respective division for the awards. For example, a 11-14 player who ‘plays up’ or turns15 during the season will NOT be awarded points in the 11-14 division that count towards the All Tour Team / Player of the Year Awards. A younger player that participates in an Invitational(***) or Major(##) where there is only one (11-18) age division will be awarded points for his/her place in their respective age division. Scenario: A 11-14 boys finishes second at the Red River Challenge Invitational Event: he would be awarded the invitational points in the boys 11-14 age division.

Tour Championship 11-14 Age Division Exception: If a player turns 15 before the annual Tour Championship and desires to play in the 11-14 division when he/she is 15, TJGT will allow that player to participate in the 11-14 field for the Tour Championship ONLY. This is the only exception where a 15 year old player can participate in the 11-14 division. This is the same policy that the AJGA invokes.

The 11-14 player may elect to play in the 15-18 age group at the Tour Championship only if he/she is offered the slot by TJGT Staff to play in that division. Ie: The player doesn’t automatically qualify for the 15-18 division. He/she may be offered to play in the older division if slots are available, but TJGT reserves the right to fill the older division with 15-18 players.

TJGT Season Point Table – (in effect as of March 1, 2017)

Finish Open Series – V Open Series Elite Series
1st 3000 3000 4500
2nd 2000 2000 3000
3rd 1800 1800 2700
4th 1600 1600 2400
5th 1400 1400 2100
6th 1200 1200 1800
7th 1100 1100 1650
8th 1000 1000 1500
9th 900 900 1350
10th 800 800 1200
11th 700 700 1050
12th 600 600 900
13th 500 500 750
14th 400 400 600
15th 300 300 450
Note: For all ties, overall point totals will be split among those tied. For example, if there are 3 players T3, points for 3rd, 4th and 5th will be added up and divided by 3 and evenly distributed to those tied. First place points are the only exception – if there is a tie for first place, a true winner will be established by an on-course or scorecard playoff, and then points will be awarded accordingly.