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Players participate in sex-separated tournaments in accordance with his or her assigned birth gender (gender as listed on the birth certificate). The TJGT reserves the right to request proof of birth gender at any time if birth gender details come into question. For any questions or special circumstances regarding gender, please contact TJGT Executive Director Travis Measley at travism@tjgt.com.

Players will be slotted into the appropriate age division for a given event based on their date of birth at the day the tournament begins, as listed on their player profile. For example – a player that is 14 years old on May 1 will be in the 11-14 age division for any event with the first round on May 1, even if the player turns 15 on May 2. The TJGT reserves the right to request proof of DOB at any time if age/date of birth details come into question.

Notable exception – for the yearly Tour Championship, boys who earn an invitation for their performance while in the 11-14 division may be still allowed to compete in the 11-14 division after turning 15, at the discretion of the TJGT staff.

Players will be given 40 seconds to play a shot once it is their turn If a player/group is deemed to be off-pace, the following will occur
(1) The group will be warned by a rules official they are out of position, and given a certain number of holes to get back on pace (usually 2-3 holes).
(2) If the group fails to get back on place, each player will be notified and put on the clock, having 40 seconds to hit their shot.
(3) One bad time will resort in a warning; a second bad time will result in a 1-stroke penalty for the player. Subsequent bad times will result in a general penalty (2 strokes)
Gross negligence of the pace of play may result in a disqualification. The tournament committee will, at its discretion, take into account any time-altering factors such as host course problems, weather conditions and any unforeseeable time obstacles.

As long as weather/light/golf course availability is safe, all ties for 1st place in any division will be settled by a sudden-death playoff. In the event of a tie for any other places in which awards are given out, ties will be broken using the TJGT’s method of scorecard playoff (as recommended by the USGA), outlined below:

    • Using holes 10-18 of the final round. If players are still tied, tiebreaker will then go to holes 13-18, then 16-18, then just hole 18.
    • If players are still tied, the above process will be repeated using holes 1-9 of the final round.
    • If players are still tied, the above process will be repeated for holes 10-18 of the first round, then holes 1-9 of the first round if players are still tied.
    • In the event that 2 players still remain tied, a coin will be flipped to break the tie.

In the event of a sudden death playoff for first place with more than 2 players, if, after a hole, first place has been decided but the other players remain tied, the above scorecard playoff method will then be implemented to determine 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc places. Example: if in a 3-way playoff, 1 player makes par and the other 2 make bogey, the player that made par is the champion, and the two that made bogey are subjected to a scorecard playoff for 2nd place. If, in a 3-way playoff, however, 1 player makes birdie, 1 makes par and 1 makes bogey, then those players will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd accordingly.

Players and spectators are to have minimal interaction during play. Spectators are allowed to discuss water, food or medical needs and may carry equipment other than golf clubs for a player. Spectators may assist in looking for a lost ball, but otherwise must stay on or near the cart path or rough, and may not walking in the fairway and must stay a reasonable distance off the green during tournament play. Please review the full TJGT Player/Spectator Policy for the specific Player/Spectator Interaction Policy.

Pull Carts are allowed for all age divisions provided the host course permits.  All players/parents are advised to check with each individual course. The ultimate responsibility resides with the player.

TJGT Staff emphasizes safety when a player is being shuttled and pulling a pull cart.  It is recommended to fold up the pull cart and place in the shuttle to prevent potential injury.  TJGT will not incur liability or responsibility for the damage to any pull cart or player as a result of pulling a pull cart when being shuttled.

There are no caddies on the TJGT tour unless specifically allowed on the tournament’s information page. AJGA PBE Junior Tour Caddie Policy at selected TJGT events allowing caddies:  A player may provide his own caddie or have one provided to him at player’s own expense.  A player is not required to employ a caddie for any stage of the tournament.  Players and Caddies must walk.

On the TJGT, players will use the app “ShotStat Live” on their mobile device to keep score/live scoring in every tournament. This is the ONLY function for which a player’s cell phone/mobile device may be used. Single-function distance measuring devices such as a range finder, golf watch or GPS device are permitted as long as they conform with USGA Rule 4.3.

Any player seen or suspected of using their mobile phone for anything else other than the ShotStat Live app will be given a verbal warning on first offense and then the general penalty (2 strokes) on second offense. Further offenses may result in additional penalties or a disqualification.

All tour members are expected to display proper golf etiquette and knowledge of the rules of golf at all times during tournament play.  Appropriate behavior at all host facilities and lodging sites is required.

It is recommended (but not required) that players be able to comfortable break 100 for Open Series events and break 90 for Elite Series events. Any player who scores a Round 1 total of 110 or higher while competing in a TJGT event may be cut at the tournament director’s discretion and not be eligible to compete in the subsequent round(s). A refund of half the player’s entry fee will be credited back to their TJGT player account.

The TJGT also reserves the right to cut/remove any player from the golf course at any time due to lack of competitiveness or pace of play. If a player is removed in the middle of the first round, a full refund will be given, minus $50 to cover tee gifts.

(1) Required dress at the golf course: Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward. Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting) must be worn and tucked-in at all times. Fashion shirts without collars must have sleeves. Any sleeveless shirt must have a collar. Shirts must not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing. Shorts must be no more than five inches above the knee or the inseam of the shorts must measure at least five inches. All TJGT events require players to wear Soft Spike golf shoes or other golf course appropriate footwear.
(2) Prohibited dress at the golf course: Yoga pants or leggings (unless covered by shorts or a skirt), tank tops or spaghetti straps, sleeveless or racerback tops without a collar, plunging necklines, men’s athletic-type sweat pants/joggers/workout gear, gym shorts, denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts and jeans. Undergarments must be concealed/covered up at all times, regardless of top or bottom style. Any article of clothing promoting adult products such as alcohol, nicotine, smoking products, etc. are not prohibited.

USGA Rules of Golf will govern all tournament play.  Local rules will be distributed at registration. TJGT utilizes the local scorecard to ensure all local rules are visible to all players.  TJGT rules, hard card and spectator policies are always posted on the tournament information page. There are NO shot limits for any TJGT Event. At Qualifier and Elite Series Events, the TJGT may institute a CUT policy when deemed appropriate, and reserves the right to remove a player from a TJGT event at any time for non-competitiveness.

It is suggested that players seeking entry into Qualifier Series events shoot an average score of under 100, and Elite Series events, an average score of 90 or lower.


Below is a chart provided and updated each year by Junior Golf Scoreboard to define various scenarios where a player does not complete a round or tournament. These definitions and policies are defined by NJGS and are recognized and followed by the Texas Junior Golf Tour. As of April 1, 2019, the TJGT will no longer be utilizing “Justified Withdrawal.”

Note: Players and parents need to be aware that none of the below delineations have any mathematical affect on a player ranking, other than the official score reported for any completed round(s).

Chart Updated May 15, 2023

Category name Designation Explanation Report to Junior Golf Scoreboard?
No show before competition begins DNS Those players who do not come to the tournament at all NO Each organization handles internally
Disqualified DQ Reserved for actual USGA rules infraction that occurs without a deliberate or managed intention. NOTE:FAILURE TO APPEAR AT ALL FOR A TEE TIME AT ALL IS NOT A DQ. SEE “no show” below. YES + any official scores













Reserved for a deliberate voluntary action or decision not to continue play after having started a competition, notified an official, and turned in an official score for the stipulated round(s). OR


Reserved for a player stopping play mid-round who has a compelling visible, verifiable or an extremely very special reason/injury  that is then verified by a doctor  – otherwise see NC below.

YES + any official scores



No show NS Completed one or more rounds – fails to report for tee time and previously has not notified anyone YES + any official scores


No card




After having begun competition – a deliberate decision not to sign or turn in a card, walks off the course, etc.

Proof of medical treatment can change NC to WD (see clarification in notes below). 

YES + any official scores



Please note/understand some explanations of the chart above:

1) A withdraw (WD) will be notated if a player notifies tournament officials he or she will not be participating in round 2 (or 3) after the full completion of Round 1 (or 2). In the above scenario, a reason for the withdraw does not have to be given by the player, and no proof of injury/medical note will be required.

2) If a player doesn’t show up for his or her tee time on Day 2, that designation will be “NS” (No Show). Alerting tournament staff after the fact will not be sufficient for a WD (instead of a NS).

3) Per the definitions outlined above, a “No Card” is applied when a player begins a round (defined by hitting their first tee shot) and decides not to finish the round for any reason, all the way through declining to sign a scorecard. The “No Card” status can be applied for any round, not just the first round.

4) No Card (NC) vs Withdraw (WD) Tournament staff are not medically trained, and therefore will not make any judgement calls/decisions on injuries for a player that fails to complete a started round. If a player decides not to complete a round in which they have begun, and wishes to have their status noted as WD instead of NC, the player must submit an official note from a doctor detailing the injury/ailment in question and its prevention of completing the round. Medical notes must be submitted no later than 5PM, 2 days after the tournament’s final round (for example, Tuesday by 5PM for a Saturday-Sunday tournament). Notes can e-mailed to travism@tjgt.com

5) Poor play, lack of practice, general lack of conditioning, etc. will not be accepted as reasons for a WD. There must be a verified illness/injury, noted by a medical professional and provided to TJGT staff. Other extreme circumstances (such as a death in the family) may also be considered if explained, in writing, by the same above deadline.

6) If a player walks off the golf course without alerting a rules official of their decision, that will be designated a NC (No Card), regardless of the reason. Any player that walks off the course without alerting an official more than once may be temporarily or permanently prohibited from playing future TJGT events.