What Is the Membership Fee to Join the Tour?
The cost is $219 for a full season. The TJGT season goes from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31, and membership for the upcoming season usually opens up around August 1.

Click Here for Membership Details

How Long Is My Membership in the TJGT?
Your membership allows you to play the entire schedule of tournaments starting from Sept 1 to Aug 31 of each year.

What Form of Payment Does TJGT Take for Membership & Tournament Registrations?
All payments are done online through TJGT.com with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. TJGT does accept debit cards if it is a bank card with the Master Card or Visa label on the card.

If I Do Not Have a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. Can I Still Sign Up?
Yes, please email or call TJGT; the staff will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis to allow you to make payment via check or cash. Remember, this is only on a case-by-case basis.

What will I receive at individual tournaments?
TJGT will provide multiple types of tee gifts including golf shirts, hats, winter mittens, work out shirts, tee shirts, winter beanies, and a variety of different gifts for players at every tournament. All players will receive 1 Dozen Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls at every tournament.

Is There a Non-Member Policy or Option to Play if I Do Not Want to Join?
Yes, a player who has not registered online for membership and desires to participate in an TJGT event is considered a non-member. If a player wants to play as a non-member, he/she should contact Donna Smith for instructions on tournament registration. Non-members are subject to an additional fee per tournament and will not receive membership gifts that vary from tournament to tournament.

If I Lose My Password, How Do I Find It?
You need to email TJGT from the contact us page and it will be emailed to you depending on the availability at that time of TJGT staff.



What Are the Age Divisions & Yardages for Open Series Events?
Boys 11-14 – 6,000 – 6,300 yards
Boys 15-18 – 6,600-6,800 yards
Girls 11-14 & Girls 11-18 – 5,600-5,800 yards

Note: Yardage does not affect TJGT divisions. Even if all boys or all girls play from the same tees at a given event, players will still be grouped in their respective divisions and awards, exemptions and Tour points will be given out based on the 4 divisions.

What Are the Age Divisions & Yardages for Elite Series & Invitational Events?
Boys 11-18* – 6,800 – 7,100 yards
Girls 11-18 – 5,800 – 6,000 yards

*Exception: There are 2 dedicated events – The Holiday Classic and the Tour Championship – where Boys 11-14 will play from a separate yardage and golf course. See the Tournament Info page for these events to learn more.

Are the divisions the same for AJGA PBE?
Not necessarily. The process of awarding/requesting AJGA PBE is completely separate from TJGT awards, exemptions and Tour points. For more information on AJGA PBE, see the section below.

What TJGT Awards are Given at Each Event?
Open Series:
Boys 15-18 – Top 3
Boys 11-14 – Top 3
Girls 15-18 – Top 3
Girls 11-14 – Top 3

Elite Series*
Boys 11-18 – Top 5
Girls 11-18 – Top 3

*Due to increasing Boys 11-14 field sizes, at the Texas Masters and Tyler Rose, a Boys 11-14 Champion trophy will be awarded (as well as Top 5 Boys 11-18 overall).

*At the annual Texas Masters in May, places 1st-5th will be awarded in the Girls 11-18 Division

TJGT Tour Championship
Boys 15-18 – Top 5
Girls 11-18 Top 5
Boys 11-14 – Top 3

How Do I Earn Exemptions Into Invitationals & Elite Events?
Players earn exemptions (and priority registration) into invitationals and Elite events by achieving high finishes in TJGT events, general by winning a tournament or finishing near the top. Each individual Invitational has its own specific set of qualification criteria, which can be viewed on the tournament’s information page.

To view the specific tournaments covered in the exemptions, please visit the individual tournament’s info page.

Is There a Proof of Birthdate/Birth Certificate Required to Play?
No, just make sure you input your age correctly on membership registration. We trust your integrity. Please make sure you list your proper graduation class at membership registration. This is very important for recruiting purposes.

Can I Play up Into a Division?
Yes, with TJGT staff approval. Email the TJGT staff.

If I Play up Into a Division, How Do the Points Work?
Any points earned while playing up will not be awarded in the division the player normally plays in. Points will be awarded only in the older division for that tournament only. Click Here for the points table

Do the Divisions Play Separate Yardages?
It depends on the golf course, weather conditions, course conditions and the specific tournament. To find out what yardage each division will be playing at a given tournament, view the tournament’s information page and click on the given division to view the scorecard for that event. The yardages are subject to change the morning of the event if extenuating circumstances arrive (strange wind, rainfall, etc.), but the yardages posted will generally be very close to what the age division will play.

***It is important to view these yardages before playing a practice round, so you know where to practice from, as the yardages may not match a specific tee box on the course scorecard.***

Where Can I Find the Tee Markers Played & Course Information for Each Tournament?
It will be displayed on the tournament info page on the tournament section of the TJGT website. Also, look in the notes section on each tournament info page. The TJGT does reserve the right to adjust tee lengths the day of a tournament, but the yardages posted should serve as a good guideline for what to expect at the event.

How Do I Know If Can Play As an 11/12 On The TJGT?
The standards for the younger division are primarily for pace of play. If a player can carry his own bag without caddie, normally score below 92-94 or better from yardages between 6000-6400 yds then the player is generally ready to play the TJGT. TJGT staff reserves the right to inform any 11-12 player based on tournament performance whether they will be restricted to a developmental tour.

Is There a Limit of Tournaments That Any Player Can Play on the TJGT?
No, you can play as many as you want.



The TJGT is proud to be a partner with the AJGA, and many of the TJGT tournaments throughout the year feature guaranteed AJGA PBE for top finishes. To find out if a specific event has guaranteed PBE for a given division, please view that tournament’s info page.

How does earning AJGA PBE relate to TJGT awards?
The earning of AJGA PBE in a given tournament is a completely separate process from TJGT awards and POY points, and different requirements must be met to award PBE.

For questions regarding AJGA yardage and field size requirements, please contact the AJGA at (770) 868-4200 or ajga@ajga.org and ask for the Performance Based Entry Department.

If a tournament has been approved for AJGA PBE, the division and amount of PBE will be posted on the tournament information page. Note, the above requirements are only minimums; meeting those requirements is not an automatic guarantee of AJGA PBE for a given tournament.

What is “guaranteed PBE” mean?
At the start of each year, the AJGA reviews every tournament on the TJGT schedule, looking at numbers from previous years, dates, location, yardage, etc. The AJGA may then decide to “guarantee” PBE for an upcoming tournament, based on previous year’s history. This means that the PBE will be guaranteed for the divisions listed. The guaranteed AJGA PBE for a tournament may be found on the tournament info page.

Does the TJGT decide how many stars a tournament has?
No. The AJGA reviews each tournament individually and assigns the appropriate amount of stars to that event, independent of any of event on the schedule.

How do I get the stars I earned at a TJGT event?
The day following a TJGT event, all results are submitted to the AJGA for review. The AJGA then distributes the appropriately earned stars to players via their AJGA player account. It may take a week or so for stars to show up in a player’s account.




Will Every TJGT Event be Nationally Ranked by NJGS?

What Is the Criteria for a Nationally Ranked Tournament With NJGS.com?
To be eligible to be ranked in The Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings a player must meet the following criteria.

  • Have competed in four multi-day stroke play tournaments within the last 365 days for which we have received the results and they are listed by the same name and hometown.
  • Have their high school graduation year in their tournament record.
  • Still be in high school or prior to August 1st after graduation.
  • Have competed in an age group that:
  1. completes at least 36 holes,
    b. has a minimum of 5 competitors that complete all scheduled rounds,
    c. has played from a minimum of 4,500 yards and not shorter than the forward most USGA rated tees, and there is no stroke limit rule in place.

Is There a Stroke Limit?
No, there is no stroke limit on the tour for Ages 11-14 or Ages 15-18.

Will There Be Playoffs for Ties?
Yes, when at all possible, all ties for 1st place will be settled by an on-course, sudden death playoff. Ties for other places, when awards are involved, are settled by USGA recommended method of scorecard playoff, which looks at holes 10-18 of the final round, then 13-18, then 16-18, and so on as per USGA guidelines.

Do You Allow Pull Carts on the TJGT?
Yes, provided the course allows.

Medical Condition: Any player, in any age division, may use a pull cart due to a valid medical condition provided the host venue allows the pull cart.

TJGT Staff emphasizes safety when a player is being shuttled and pulling a pull cart. It is recommended to fold up the pull cart and place in the shuttle to prevent potential injury.

TJGT will not incur liability or responsibility for the damage to any pull cart or player as a result of pulling a pull cart when being shuttled.

Are There Distance Measuring Devices Allowed on TJGT?
Yes, TJGT allows distance measuring devices at all tournaments as long as they are in accordance with USGA Rule 4.3. Devices (range finders, GPS watches, etc.) may only measure distance (not slope) and may not be able to access or receive any other outside information (such as the Internet). Cell phones and smart watches are not permitted to be used as distance measuring devices.

Food, Drink, Clothing, Umbrellas Etc?
Food, Drink, Clothing – Any parent or spectator may provide food, drink, clothing, umbrellas; hand warmers to players during the round of play provided it does not slow down pace of play or distract other competitors play. TJGT recommends this to be done between holes from green to tee box or during the turn. TJGT highly recommends that each player bring extra clothes, rain suits, umbrellas to each tournament. Weather conditions can change quickly and the better you are prepared, the better chance for success while avoiding unnecessary costs for these items at the tournament venue or last minute trips to the shopping mall.

What are the withdraw/refund policies?
For specific info on tournament withdraw/refund policies, please visit our Refund Page. You can also read about our weather cancellation policy there.

Where Can I Find All the Details for Each Tournament?
On the Tournament Info Page (TIP) via the link on the schedule page. The info page lists everything you need to know about that particular tournament. Please read all the notes, schedule of events and other links. These will inform you on all the details and logistics of each tournament.

When Do I Check in for an Event?
Tournament check-in will run from approximately 1.5 hrs before the first tee time. All players must check-in prior to tournament play. More details regarding the registration procedure may be posted on each tournament page by a case-specific need. If a player does not check-in, any and all tournament gifts shall be forfeited.

How Do I Know if I Am Accepted for an Event?
Parents/Players will receive a tournament entry confirmation after online registration and payment confirmation at the email address provided during membership registration. All fields will be posted on the official TJGT website at https://www.tjgt.com.

How does AJGA know if I earned an exemption or Performance Star?
TJGT will submit the PBE winners to AJGA within 48 hours of tournament completion. AJGA is the one who updates your status, not TJGT. If there are any questions, please call AJGA player services @ 877-373-2542 or 770-868-4200 or contact them through http://www.AJGA.org.

What Are the Golfweek Ranking Requirements?
Golfweek Junior Golf Rankings Guidelines (Golfweek.com). In order for junior tournaments to be included in the Golfweek / Titleist Junior rankings database the following conditions are recommended:

  • In order to be ranked, a boy’s field must have minimum of 40 boys start the event and a girl’s field must have 12 girls start the event.
  • The event should be considered a regional tournament if not a national tournament.
  • 54-hole events are desired. However, 36-hole events will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If an event is reduced due to inclement weather, it will still count in the database provided that the entire field completes 18 holes.
  • The rankings will only count the oldest age division unless all players play from the same tees and the fields can be combined to create one event.
  • A policy designed to prohibit withdrawal due to poor play must be disclosed, implemented, and enforced1
  • Results must be transmitted to Golfweek electronically (results@golfweek.comand lringler@golfweek.com) ASAP.
  • Results must include the following information:Place, first name, last name, year of high school graduation, city, state, first (second/third/fourth) round score, total score and relation to par.
  • Event status as a ranked event is not intended for use in a promotional context to attract players. Golfweek reserves the right to add and drop tournaments at any time.

What Is the Dress Code for Tournaments?

  1. Required dress at the golf course: Hats/visors must be worn with brim forward. Collared shirts or mock turtlenecks (host golf course permitting) must be worn and tucked-in at all times. Women’s fashion shirts without collars must have long sleeves. Women’s fashion shirts must not rise above the belt line at anytime during the golf swing. Women’s shorts must be no more than five inches above the knee or the inseam of the shorts must measure at least five inches. All TJGT events require players to wear Soft Spike golf shoes or other golf course appropriate footwear.
  2. Prohibited dress at the golf course: Yoga pants or leggings (unless covered by shorts or a skirt), tank tops or racerback tops, plunging necklines, T-shirts, denim shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, gym shorts and jeans. Any article of clothing promoting adult products such as alcohol, nicotine, smoking products, etc. are not prohibited.

Who Is Eligible to Play in TJGT Events?
Players are eligible to participate in Texas Junior Golf Tour events as long as they meet all of the following 3 requirements:

      1. The player has not reached their 20th birthday. Once a player turns 20 years old, they are no longer eligible to compete on the TJGT
      2. The player is not enrolled full time (more than 9 hours) at any educational institution beyond high school.
      3. The player has maintained his or her amateur status as defined by the USGA.

When Does TJGT Submit the Results to Each Ranking System?
TJGT staff submits scores immediately after the tournament via a laptop computer. TJGT has invested in high speed mobile broadband cards to post results, rankings, points, stories and pictures as quick as possible to serve our members with outstanding customer service.

Are There Formal Practice Rounds Scheduled?
No. Always look on the info page for each tournament and read the notes. Players must call the respective course to set up a practice round if so desired. Always ask for the Jr. Rate or TJGT rate.

What Is the Cost of the Practice Round?
Each course is different. Ask for the junior rate and tell them you are playing the TJGT event.

Will I Know the Course Setup or Yardages for the Practice Round?
Yes, you can view yardages for each division on the tournament’s information page, at the top. The yardages listed should be very close to the actual yardages played at the event, although the TJGT does reserve the right to adjust the yardages in cases of extreme weather or to assist in speeding up play.

Is the Practice Round Included in the Tournament Fee?
No, the junior rate must be paid individually.

If I need to contact the Tournament Director for any reason, where can I find that contact information?
The tournament director’s contact information will be listed on each tournament information page and on the TJGT website. Coach Ty (Spinella) and Dave Jones emails and phone numbers are also listed on the Contact Us link on the TJGT.COM home page.

What Are the College Coach Q & A’s?
These are evenings with a panel of top college golf coaches and a TJGT moderator. Last season these evenings were a huge success and banquet rooms were packed with parents and players. Members and parents are allowed to ask questions concerning collegiate golf opportunities, scholarships, academics, etc.

What Is the Red River Challenge Held at Dornick Hills?
This is an elite Golfweek-ranked event where the TJGT and Mexican Junior Golf Association go head to head in a five-man internal team competition against the Oklahoma Junior Golf Tour and Canadian players. (Similar to NCAA Team Play). The event is a Golfweek stroke play event, but 54 players from each side are broken up into five-man/woman teams to win the annual team trophy. It is similar to the AJGA Canon Cup competition. The event has a tremendous college coach question and answer night on Friday night and a great banquet with a college coach speaker on Saturday night

How Do I Know a Tournament Is Full?
The software will not allow you to register online and a ‘Full’ will show on the schedule/registration page.

If I Want to Be Placed on the Waiting List, Who Should I Contact?
Contact the Tournament Director listed on the individual tournament information page or Donna Smith, Admin Asst. or Coach Ty Spinella, Dir of Operations, via TJGT.com/contact. Player’s name will be placed on a wait list and will be contacted if a slot becomes available due to a cancellation.

Do I Have to Pay to be on the Waiting List?

When and How Will I Be Notified of Tournament Entry from the Waiting List?
The Tournament Director, Director of Operations or Donna Smith, Admin Asst., will email or call you if a space becomes available.

All-Tour Teams: The top five point leaders & ties will be named to the All-Tour Teams at the Tour Championship Awards Show/banquet. The point’s race is calculated starting from the annual Tour Championship to the last tournament prior to the following Tour Championship.

Players of the Year: TJGT will name a one player from each age division for Player of the Year honors. These players will be determined in the same fashion as the All-Tour Teams. The top point leader in the age divisions before the Tour Championship will be named player of the year. Ties will be broken on the each players Invitational & designated Major results. Each Player of the Year will receive a special award at the annual Tour Championship (or mailed if player not in attendance), as well as recognition on social media and the TJGT website.


Please be aware that points will only be awarded to players registered and playing under their one, original membership profile (ID & password). Players playing as non-members with corporate/alliance agreements will not be eligible for points award. There are agreements with corporate alliances that do not have profile access.

Tour Championship Field: The field will be selected primarily from the Invitational entry criteria but TJGT will make every effort to invite the top point leaders in each age division. TJGT reserves the right to invite top ranked out of state & international players. The goal is to produce the strongest field of players for national & collegiate coach exposure.