COVID-19 Updates

Re: COVID-19

All TJGT updates regarding COVID-19, tournaments, schedules, cancellations and reschedules will be posted here, as well as communicated via e-mail when necessary.

**April, 16 2020 Update**

Good afternoon,

We hope that this update finds you all well and safely enjoying time with your families. It has been a very strange, difficult month for everyone, and I’m sure you are all as eager as we are to have some normalcy return to your lives.

I wanted provide an update on the TJGT and our future schedule plans:

– We have postponed the Tyler Rose, originally scheduled for May 2-3, and are working with the golf course for a new date later in the summer or fall. We are very grateful to Eagle’s Bluff, the tournament host, for their understanding and willingness to reschedule the tournament – we should have a new date within the next few days.

– We plan to commence our season with events on May 9-10. Those events are currently open to registration, and we are excited to get back onto the golf course. Prior to those events, we will continue to keep in contact with local and state officials, as well as the golf courses, to help shape our strategies and plans and alter them if needed.

– While we do plan to return to tournament play on May 9-10, things will look a little (or a lot) different for the foreseeable future. We will have detailed information on all the safety protocols and procedures we are implementing at a later date, but a few general things to expect:

1) Limited field sizes of only 50-60 players for the May 9-10 & May 16-17 events. We know players are eager to get back onto the course, but limiting field sizes early on will allow us to properly implement new safety procedures in a more controlled environment. Field size limits may extend further into the summer if needed.

2) Procedural adjustments and changes. We have been hard at work the last few weeks (and will continue to do so) on completely revamping our tournament procedures to make the entire tournament experience a safe one. Expect to see changes to check-in, scoring, starting, etc. to ensure player safety under CDC/WHO guidelines. There also may be adjustments or restrictions regarding warm-up facilities based on local and county rules.

3) Possible spectator restrictions. Based on golf course or local/state requirements, we may be forced to limit (or even prohibit) spectators and/or spectator cart availability. Those decisions will be made on an event-by-event basis and clearly communicated to all players and parents.


We believe that golf is an important part of maintaining our state’s normalcy and hope through all of this, and is a great, safe activity and exercise. Locally, we have toured multiple open golf facilities over the past few weeks and have seen firsthand how golf and social distancing can masterfully co-exist – it is a promising sight to see the staffs at those courses take so seriously the proper safety practices to continue to provide us the opportunity to play the game we love.

We appreciate all of your patience and flexibility. I have heard many kind words from parents and players over the last few weeks, and am grateful for the support. We are eager to get back to the course in a safe way, and are excited to do so.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Thanks!


Travis Measley
Executive Director
Texas Jr Golf Tour