Recruting Tips – Preparation

Welcome back to Recruiting Tip Tuesday! Today’s topic is preparation.

This is one of my favorite topics! If you’re like me and enjoy preparation, you should be able to nail down this topic fairly easy. Being prepared for anything on or off the golf course is essential to life. If you haven’t taken the necessary time to get ready for the day, for your tournament or practice it might leave you feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Preparation is also a trait that college coaches want to see in junior golfers. They want to see someone who is proactive and ready to tackle any obstacle in the way.

Zig Ziglar once said “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation” Preparation for golf tournaments can vary from person to person, but I do think every person should create a mental or physical checklist to be able to conquer the day. I’ll walk you through some typical preparation techniques for tournament days!

The Night Before

-Chose, layout or hang golf clothes in an accessible area (Don’t forget your golf shoes… you might need those)
-Clean out your golf bag (no one wants to see that half eaten granola bar you had 3 weeks ago)
-Clean and count your golf balls
-Organize all pockets for tees/balls
-Prepare your snacks and drinks
-Check weather conditions, make sure you have the proper attire for tomorrow’s round (sunscreen, rain gear, umbrellas, extra gloves, socks, bug spray, etc.) If you don’t have it, you can’t wear it.
-Pack your sharpie and ball marker
-Check your distance measuring device, make sure it has battery. Always pack an extra battery in your golf bag.
-Get plenty of rest

The Morning Of 

-Wake up
-Get dressed
-Eat a quality breakfast
-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
-Double check the weather again, make sure nothing has changed overnight
-Arrive to the course to start your pre-tournament routine/practice
-Count your clubs again, don’t penalize yourself before you even tee off
-Go kill it and have fun!

Tournament days are an expression of all your hard work up to that point. They should be extremely fun and exciting. If preparation is a part of your daily routine it will eliminate any added stress. Come prepared with your equipment and your mind, and you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park..or in the hole!

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