Recruiting Tips – When Can a Coach Contact You?

When Can a Coach Contact You?

During the recruiting process it is very important to be up to date with the current recruiting calendar for that particular year. If you have been contacting a coach several times with no response, he/she may be in a quiet or dead period and is not allowed to contact athletes per the NCAA rules. Today were going to walk you through each of the periods where coach can or cannot have contact.

Contact Period 

This will be the most wide-open time. During a contact period, coaches are able to visit with potential prospects and families regardless of location. Contact via, e-mail and phone and in person is permitted. Examples: When a coach comes to watch you at a tournament, he/she is in a contact period. When a coach calls you back, he/she is in a contact period.

Quiet Period

The quiet period is where the rules start to tighten up a little bit. During a quiet period, any off-campus contact is not permitted. This means coaches are not allowed to come to any tournaments, schools, etc. Visiting to the college’s campus and written or electronic communications are still permitted. Coaches will often have times set up for prospects to come on an unofficial visit to their campus during this time.

Dead Period 

The dead period is the most restrictive of all the periods. In-person contact is not allowed, even if the student-athlete comes to visit the college campus. Coaches are not allowed to attend any tournaments or practices where they may evaluate talent. Phone contact is still permitted.

It’s always important to know when the contact periods are before trying to initiate contact with any coach. For the most current 2018-2019 NCAA Recruiting Calendar, for Division 1 and Division 2 click the link below!