Recruiting Tips – Protecting Your Image

How do you protect your image?

In the very technologically advanced world we live in, we have all come to know that once you put something out there on the internet it’s hard to get back. Reputation is everything, regardless of being a college athlete, job recruiters look at this stuff as well. Even if your accounts are private, coaches are still able to view your social media platforms. Unfortunately, It’s not always about what you post. The things that you like, retweet or favorite are a direct reflection of you off the course. As much as coaches want to have athletic talent on their team, they also want to have players that are responsible and will represent the University and program in a positive light.

Student-athletes tend to be in the spotlight on and off-campus. Protecting your image will start with the following things:

  • Surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Creating positive interactions with other teams, student, faculty and administrative staff
  • Being aware of posts that you are tagged in
  • Respecting the environment and facilities accessible to you

A good rule of thumb to follow is if you can show it to your parents or grandparents and they wouldn’t be disappointed, it’s okay to post. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. A few things that you should never post include: alcohol or┬ádrug paraphernalia, inappropriate pictures, racial or sexist comments, slander, talking bad about your coaches or teammates, etc. Seriously take the time and sit down to go through all of your social media accounts. That one tweet from 6 years ago can be detrimental to your future.

Bottom line is you never know is watching, but they are watching! Until next week….

Fairways & Greens,