Recruiting Tips – 10 Questions To Ask On A Visit

10 Questions To Ask On A Visit 

If you have ever been on an official or unofficial visit to a college or university you will most likely experience an overflow of emotions. Most of which consists of either serious anxiety and extreme excitement all at the same time. Whether it’s your first time meeting this coach in person, or the 50th it’s always best to come prepared with several questions to ask coaches. If you are interested in multiple colleges, prepare the same list of questions to ask each coach. It will take some time on the front end but trust me, it will save you a considerable amount of stress when it comes time to make your verbal commitment. You will be able to compare each college side by side to make an informed and logical decision that will be best for YOU.

Now, there are a million questions and then some that you could ask coaches. This list is one that I used when I visited colleges and helped me tremendously when making a decision.

#1 What does a typical week look like for practice?

This will be helpful when deciding when/where you will be practicing. Ask things like what courses do we have access to (if that college doesn’t have a home facility)? What times does the team normally practice?  What days would we be qualifying? How many qualifying rounds do you typically have? You should also be knowledgeable about how many hours per week student-athletes can practice.

#2 I think I may major in ______. How will this effect my golf schedule?

This is so important to ask!!! There were a few majors at my University that weren’t recommend as a student-athlete and specifically our golf schedule. Some majors have limited classes that won’t work with your practice/tournament schedule.

#3 What is your work out program like during season and in off season?

You may want to ask things like how many times per week? Is it strictly strength conditioning and lifting weights or more cardio based? What time of the day do you work out, AM or PM? My team even had yoga once a week, I wouldn’t have known unless I asked 🙂

#4 How is daily practice ran?

Every coach runs their practice differently; this is important when considering what your current practice schedule as a junior golfer looks like. Does the coach set up drills or do you practice on your own? Is there a specific amount of time they want you to spend on the range, chipping, putting green, or on the course? What is the coach’s coaching style, hands on or hands off?

#5 Where would I live as an incoming freshman?

On or off campus, you ask? Hopefully on your visit the coach will take you by where you’ll be living, if they don’t….ASK! Some colleges have a specific dorm or hall for their freshman athletes to live in. Would you live with another freshman golfer or with other athletes? How far is this away from dining areas, study hall, and workouts?

#6 What is the format for qualifying for a tournament?

Ask this question to any coach, you’ll get a variety of answers. How many qualifying rounds do you have? Is it only stroke play? Is the traveling team based off qualifying rounds or coaches selection, or both? If you want to be on the traveling squad you need to know how to get there, right?

#7 What will be required of me academically?

Obviously, student comes before athlete in student-athlete. If your academics aren’t up to par (pun intended) you will not be eligible to practice or compete. You will want to ask things like what GPA do you require your golf team to have? How many study hall hours will I be required? When do athletes do their study hall hours (between classes, before/after workouts or practice)? Are there repercussions on missing practice if you are falling behind in school?

#8 How many players do you plan to have on the team?

This question will give you a pretty good idea on how many players will be staying home during traveling tournaments. You may want to ask things like have you committed or signed any players in my graduating class? This question was helpful for me because, I wanted to be on a program of about 7-8 girls versus 10-12. There’s a good amount of competition and a better chance to be on the traveling squad even if you have a deep team.

#9 What is the team culture?

This is a big one if you really care about building relationships with your teammates. Do you have team dinners? Does the golf team attend philanthropic events? Now would be the perfect time to ask the coach if there are any guys or girls you could talk to on the team. Asking current players on the team is crucial in the recruiting process. Most of the time players will give you the good, bad, and the ugly of the team. Honesty is the best policy.

#10 What does it take to earn a scholarship for your program?

Last, but certainly not least how do you earn a scholarship at this university? In my opinion, this question is the most important of the group. After all you don’t get a scholarship, you earn it. After a coach answers this question you’ll know what is expected of you on and off the golf course.


Hope this helps you in the recruiting process! Until next week….

Fairways & Greens,