Jacob Bradley Memorial Scholarship – Conditions & Guidelines

JBM Scholarship Conditions

      1. The total number of scholarships (both amount and recipients) awarded each year will be determined by the total number of qualified candidates and availability of funds.
      2. JBM Grants are awarded in the amount of $250 and are awarded 3 times per year (January, April and August).
      3. A player may receive a maximum of $1,000 in grant money in a calendar year
      4. Students must be enrolled in high school or junior high and in good academic and behavioral standing at their school to be eligible.
      5. Awarding of a JBM Scholarship does not guarantee entry into a specific TJGT event.
      6. Scholarship funds may be used toward membership fees, tournament fees or both on the Texas Junior Golf Tour, and awarded funds do not expire until the recipient is no longer eligible to compete on the TJGT.

JBM Scholarship Dates

      1. Applications may be submitted throughout the year at any time; the AJGI Scholarship Committee may temporarily close the application process due to the number of applications received.
      2. JBM Grants will be awarded, at minimum, to selected applicants 3 times throughout the year – January, April & August.
      3. Players must reapply for consideration for grants during each cycle.
      4. AJGI scholarship committee may also elect to award grant money to select applicant(s) for specific tournaments at any time throughout the year as deemed appropriate (and when funds allow)

JBM Scholarship Guidelines & Procedures

      1. All applicants must completely fill out and submit the Jacob Bradley Memorial Scholarship application. Partial applications will not be accepted.
      2. Substantial financial need is not a requirement for the JBM Scholarship, but applicants are encouraged to provide all information about themselves on the application, and financial need will be taken into consideration when selecting recipients.
      3. Funds will be distributed to recipients in the form of credit onto the player account that can be applied during the registration process.
      4. Any funds unused upon the completion of a player’s eligibility to compete on the TJGT will be redeposited back into the Scholarship Fund.
      5. Funds may not be applied retroactively to a tournament registration.
      6. In the event of a cancelation of a tournament in which JBM Scholarship funds were used, the $35 administration fee will be waived.
      7. All other TJGT Refund/Cancellation policies are applicable to any tournament registration, whether Scholarship Funds were used or not.