AJGI General Scholarship – Conditions & Guidelines

AJGI Scholarship Conditions

      1. The total number of scholarships (both amount and recipients) awarded each year will be announced upon the opening of the application process.
      2. The AJGI General Scholarships will be awarded at the end of the spring semester (late April or May).
      3. All prospective applicants must be high school seniors in good academic standing, must have have a GPA of 2.5 or higher and must be on track to graduate in May of their senior year.
      4. Applicants are not required to be playing golf in college, but must have participated in at least 4 Texas Junior Golf Tour or Rocky Mountain Junior Golf Tour events during their high school career.
      5. Recipients will be asked to prove acceptance into some form of continuing education (2-year or 4-year) beyond high school before scholarship is awarded.
      6. Any applicant or announced recipient that is discovered not to meet the above guidelines may be removed from the selection process or denied the scholarship.

AJGI Scholarship Guidelines & Procedures

      1. All applicants must completely fill out and submit the AJGI College Scholarship application. Partial applications will not be accepted.
      2. Any application received after the application deadline (including the submission of transcripts and Letters of Recommendation) will not be accepted.
      3. Substantial financial need is not a requirement for the AJGI College Scholarship, but applicants are encouraged to provide all information about themselves on the application, and financial need may be taken into consideration when selecting recipients.
      4. Funds will be distributed to recipients (or directly to the school) with the expectation of being used toward education and education-related expenses.