“I have been in high school athletics for over 30 years as a coach and educator, and most recently as Head Golf Coach at Cinco Ranch High School, Cinco Ranch, Texas. In all my years of coaching I have never seen an organization that dedicates itself to its mission statement than the Texas Junior Golf Tour. The TJGT’s mission statement is, ‘To provide collegiate exposure via quality playing opportunities while educating and mentoring families on securing a college golf or academic scholarship.’ I believe the TJGT is the best ‘Road to College Golf’ anywhere in the country. The players, parents, siblings and coaches have become a dear family to me.


I had the privilege of working with the TJGT as a high school coach team member and I can tell parents hands down that the TJGT organization is the golf organization that truly cares about seeing each of their members reach their goals of an academic or golf scholarship. They truly put their resources to the practical implementation of giving their players the opportunities to play highly competitive events but most importantly the education on how to navigate the college recruiting process. The TJGT is one big family and when under their roof they take care of you like no other organization I have been associated with. I was fortunate to see many of my players add to their high school golf resumes with TJGT tournaments that put them over the edge in acquiring a college scholarship. TJGT was the difference for every one of my players that went on to play college golf or those who received an academic scholarship. I can’t endorse TJGT enough and every Texas parent should make the TJGT their FIRST choice in junior golf.”

Coach Rick Nordstrom, Cinco Ranch High School Head Coach

“I had the privilege of playing Texas High School Golf at legendary Montgomery High School under Coach Rusty Herridge, worked as an assistant coach for 11 years under Steve Cribari at The Woodlands High School, and now experiencing the privilege of being a Head Coach at The Woodlands High School, which has produced PGA/LPGA players such as Stacey Lewis and Bronson Burgoon, as well as hundreds of collegiate scholarship players and numerous state champions and team championships. The constant I have seen in high school and junior golf during my coaching career, is the dedication of one golf organization, The Texas Junior Golf Tour, to the coaches and players of Texas to inform and educate our community on the opportunities to play college golf. Nobody does it better. The first hand experience of their staff in unmatched and they are the “Gold Standard” when it comes to educating parents on college scholarship opportunities for their kids.


Furthermore, the TJGT has believed in the quality of Texas High School Golf and the expertise & experience of the high school golf coach running tournaments and administering the rules when no other golf organization would recognize the Texas High School Golf Coach. TJGT is my first choice of any junior tour in the USA and many Woodlands High School players have benefitted from their expertise and dedication to the High School Golfer. If your kid is not playing the TJGT, he/she is missing the best competitive golf experience in Texas.”

Eric Noski, The Woodlands High School Boys Head Coach

“I have had both my children play the Texas Jr. Golf Tour (TJGT) and both received college golf scholarships and I have been fortunate to coach over 81 NCAA Division I players and numerous others that have moved on to college golf in the Division II, III, NAIA & NJCAA levels from Synder & Southlake Carroll High Schools. The exposure, recruiting information and mentorship from the tour staff was invaluable and the combination of their TJGT and High School Golf playing resumes was the difference maker in their ability to be recruited by top college golf programs.


The support TJGT provides for Texas High School Golf players, coaches and exposure thru High School Golf Scoreboard is why every Texas player should make the TJGT their first choice in tournament golf outside their high school schedule. TJGT believes and trusts Texas High School Golf Coaches and that is why every Texas High School player & parent should believe in the TJGT as their first choice in junior tours. Their scholarship results speak for themselves and no other junior tour staff in the country comes close to their first hand experience when it comes down to your kid getting a college scholarship.”

Coach Matt Glenn, Synder & Southlake Carroll Head Coach

“I had my daughter play the Texas Jr. Golf Tour (TJGT) and she received numerous college scholarship offers and decided on Tarelton State. The TJGT staff knew I was a Texas High School Golf coach and reached out to me to ensure my daughter received the exposure to gain a college scholarship. That is the difference in TJGT when compared to any other Texas Golf organization. They care and support Texas High School Golf and it’s coaches The conferences they have sponsored, scholarships for players, our coaches associations and most importantly the High School Golf Scoreboard is second to none.


I believe in TJGT and the experience of their staff and that is why every Texas High School player should play the TJGT. Their support for Texas coaches and players far exceeds what any other golf organization would do for high school golf. The combination of my daughters high school results/resume on High School Golf Scoreboard and here TJGT resume was the difference in gaining a fully funded golf scholarship. Thank You TJGT for supporting Texas High School Golf and it’s coaches.”

Coach Danny Leatherman, Lufkin & Huntsville Head Coach

“My daughter played the Texas Jr. Golf Tour ( TJGT) and she received a college golf scholarship to Missouri State University. Several of my former and current players, play the TJGT. Andrews has 7 former players currently attending college on golf scholarships. The support TJGT provides for Texas High School Golf players and coaches is tremendous. The state and national exposure through High School Golf Scoreboard is why every Texas player should make the TJGT their first choice in tournament golf outside their high school schedule.


Players from smaller UIL divisions, such as Andrews, receive the exposure they need by playing TJGT and the exposure of the High School Golf Scoreboard for our program has been . The state and nation can now see how all of our hard work down here in Andrews, Texas pays off in State Championships and players moving on to college golf via scholarships. I believe in TJGT and the experience of their staff. I would recommend that every Texas High School golfer play the TJGT. Their support for Texas high school golf coaches is unmatched by any other golf organization in the USA. Thank You TJGT for supporting Texas High School Golf.”

Coach Mark Burgen, Andrews High School Head Coach

“I have had the great fortune to be a tournament staff member for the TJGT for the past 10 years, from the very early years of the tour to its present state. I have watched incredible players come thru the tour whether it was Jordan Spieth, Stacy Lewis, John Peterson or many others as well as amazing parents. The most impressive thing I have witnessed over the past decade is the level of support for Texas High School Golf the TJGT has provided when no other junior golf affiliated organization ever believed in the product or the coaching that Texas High School Golf produces.


TJGT, in conjunction with the coaches from around the state, has produced the High School Golf Scoreboard to make Texas High School Golf the most watched high school golf state in the USA. Their support for the Texas Golf Coaches Association, the financial support of the Annual Golf Coaches’ Conferences and the many hours of “behind the scenes” support is why TJGT is the premier tour for any player in the State of Texas to play. As a 12 year coach and educator, I cannot endorse TJGT enough and encourage every coach and parent to make TJGT their first choice in junior tours. No other tour in America has the first hand recruiting experience than does the staff of TJGT.”

Coach Joey Ashley, San Antonio Reagan High School

“I had the privilege of teaching and coaching in Texas for the past 30 years most recently at San Antonio Churchill High School. I have seen many great players come thru our program who have gone onto great heights in college and professional golf. I have watched Texas high school and junior golf change during my coaching career in many positive and negative ways. The biggest positive was when the Texas Junior Golf Tour put their efforts into uplifting Texas High School Golf players and coaches. The TJGT already had a great reputation but I can say as a 30 year coach the TJGT truly believed in promoting and taking Texas High School Golf to higher levels of excellence.


No other statewide golf organization stepped up to the plate as did the TJGT and the coaches and players will always be grateful for the support the TJGT staff has given high school golf. I have watched throughout the years how the TJGT has helped hundreds of San Antonio players acquire the recognition to acquire scholarships as a result of their high school and TJGT playing resumes. They really do care about the players and parents to mentor them and spend the necessary time to educate them on the recruiting process when other so called “recruiting organizations or combines” were charging thousands of dollars and not near as effective as TJGT. My recommendation is every Texas High School golfer should make the TJGT their first choice in navigating their game to a college scholarship.”

Randy Spivey, San Antonio Churchill High School

“I have had the privilege of coaching and teaching this past 40 years in the Texas Public School system and have seen literally thousands of kids go onto college football and golf in my coaching career. From the great Earl Campbell in football to Hunter Mahan in golf, I have seen high school athletics move in a positive direction that I never would have dreamed about when I first started my teaching/coaching career. The past 15 years I have had the privilege of being the Head Golf Coach at McKinney Boyd High School and have witnessed some great talent come thru our program. However, the one thing I can say is that the majority of these players never got the recognition for a college scholarship unless they played the Texas Junior Golf Tour.


The TJGT has promoted and educated my players and parents better than anyone in the USA on navigating the scholarship process. Furthermore, the start of the HighSchoolGolfScoreboard.Com has been one of the best positives that has ever happened to Texas High School Golf. It has given players recognition nationwide now on the internet so college coaches can finally see high school varsity results online. As president of the Texas Association of High School Golf Coaches these past six years I cannot thank TJGT enough for implementing their vision with their own financial resources for Texas High School Golf when no other Texas Golf Organization would step up to the table. I cannot endorse the TJGT enough for every parent and player that plays Texas High School Golf.”

Jerry Crumpton, McKinney Boyd High School Head Coach

“Over the past 20 years I have witnessed incredible golf talent in Texas High Schools. I have watched players and parents closely during my coaching career and the ones who spent the extra time seeking out other opportunities for their kids to showcase their talent were the ones who received scholarships. The one organization I have witnessed more than any other obtain their goal of a college academic or golf scholarship is the Texas Junior Golf Tour. It is amazing to watch the first hand recruiting experience of the TJGT staff as former college coaches, players and parents of college players mentor players thru the recruiting process.


I stand by and watch other golf organizations pay lip service to getting a scholarship but I have watched first hand how TJGT spends whatever time it takes to help a family accomplish that goal. Their committment to the Texas High School golfer is unmatched from any other golf organization in the country. I have experienced the so-called recruiting services that parents pay thousand of dollars for and hands down the TJGT program produces results for a fraction of the cost. It’s just what they do when it comes to taking care of their members. The results speak for itself: 4000 collegiate scholarship alumni. Parents if your not playing the TJGT you not on the road to a college scholarship.”

Chad Handley, Woodlands High School Girls Head Coach

“As a parent of two junior female golfers and Head Coach of a Texas 6A High School golf program, I have experienced the day to day experiences with my own children and hundreds of high school players over the years in chasing the pinnacle of securing that elusive college golf scholarship. I have watched parents spend thousands on instruction, camps, tournaments and college recruiting services. I can say all the junior golf opportunities can be overwhelming for parents to know where to navigate their kids to the right path of one day playing college golf. I can say hands down there has been an organization that has been the standard of excellence for high school/junior golfers: The Texas Junior Golf Tour. I have watched how they have mentored my own players and myself on the scholarship/recruiting process better than any other organization in my coaching career.


The time they are willing to spend with each of their members continues to blow me away because their goal is for every member that plays the TJGT is securing a college scholarship offer by the end of their senior year. Amazingly, their success rate is incredible. 4000 plus alumni and 350 million in financial aid: those are proven results. I simply say to hundreds of players and parents each year, if your truly interested in playing college golf, then the TJGT is only organization in Texas that can get you there and guarantee results. I want to also commend the TJGT for creating the Highschoolgolfscoreboard.com. It has revolutionized the exposure for Texas High School Golf. Thank You TJGT for being the only golf organization in Texas to believe in Texas High School Golf and give the nationwide exposure to our players that no other state receives. Parents playing the TJGT = College Scholarships.”

Kerry Gabel, Flower Mound Marcus Head Golf Coach

“I have had the privilege of coaching many great players throughout my career who have had success at the collegiate golf level at all the divisions whether NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA. I have also had the privilege of being a college coach. With that being said, the central theme I convey to my high school golf parents is that a college scholarship doesn’t come to you. You must take the initiative in educating yourself on the process and improving your game to the level of the collegiate division you desire to play. However, many families make the mistake of waiting on the college coaches to contact them and that is where lost opportunities happen. As a result, families lose the opportunity to secure a free college education around this great game of golf.


Now, I ensure my players never make that mistake because the Texas Junior Golf Tour has solved that problem for my team and many others across the state to never miss an opportunity to secure a college golf or academic scholarship. The TJGT’s staff informs and educates anyone involved with their program better than anyone I have ever seen and they get results. They get involved on a personal level with each family and know their goals and mentor them to achieve results when chasing that college scholarship. The TJGT’s track record of success in this area sets the standard when it comes to junior golf tours. I would say that any Texas High School golfer not involved with TJGT is losing a valuable opportunity to gain a college scholarship. No other junior golf organization staff I know has the experience in the actual recruiting process than does TJGT. You cannot put a price on that experience and that is why TJGT is the first choice I recommend to my players and parents.”

Brent McQuistion, San Antonio Reagan Head Coach

“In my 25 year coaching career I have witnessed great talent on the high school level sometimes never secure a college scholarship in their respective sports. I never understood how great players didn’t secure a college scholarship but witnessed average players wrap up scholarships with confidence. When I was named head golf coach at Byron Nelson High School I simply was not going to see that happen to my players at such a prestigious high school that carries the name of the great golf legend Mr. Byron Nelson. I found an organization that not only supports Texas High School Golf 1000% but achieves unprecedented success in securing college golf scholarship offers for those families who are committed to putting the time into learning the process. That organization is the Texas Junior Golf Tour.


The TJGT along with their High School Golf Scoreboard website has elevated my players exposure to virtually every college golf program in the USA. They understand and encourage the players to combine their high school golf results with their junior golf resume to maximize the exposure for a college scholarship. They actually sit down and train players/families on how to actually use the Ping College Golf Guide online which is an amazing resource and tool in securing a scholarship. I don’t see any other junior golf organization spending that kind of personal one-on-one time with their members as does the TJGT to help them achieve their goal of a college scholarship. Now, many of my players at Bryon Nelson High School go on to college golf at all levels and I can’t recommend the TJGT enough to every Texas High School player.”

Barry Hawkins, Byron Nelson High School Head Coach
President, North Texas High School Golf Coaches Association