1) When can I register for a CBM Expanded Membership?
A player should become a CBM member when he or she is ready to develop a college plan. Freshman year is not too early if you are ready to begin your college recruiting search.

2) Can I purchase the CBM membership after I have already signed up for the regular TJGT membership?
Yes, you can pay the difference. Contact Donna Smith at donnasmith@tjgt.com to do so.

3) How likely is it that I will get a college scholarship?
If you actively participate in the CBM program, listen to our advisors, play a healthy schedule and work on your game, there is a place for you as a college golfer, and we will help you get there. However, understand that the vast majority of college golfers aren’t playing at Texas or LSU or A&M or Oklahoma, or even St. Edwards or SFA or DBU. The CBM program is designed to help you get exposure to college coaches and earn a college scholarship; it is not a guarantee of a certain school or even a certain amount of money. Once an offer comes, you have to decide if that school is a place you would like to spend the next four years.

4) What exactly does my Expanded Membership include?
– A one-on-one introductory meeting with Amy Rosengarden or Travis Measley

– Access to CBM advisor office hours and strategy sessions

– Access to CBM monthly webinars provided by CBM advisors

– Special Coaches Q & A sessions and conference calls

– Access to CBM online resources, including the private CBM Facebook page

– Login credentials for The Ping College Golf Guide

5) How will I login to these special online features of my membership?
Once you join the CBM program we will send you login information for the CBM private Facebook page and for the Ping College Golf Guide.

6) When are office hours? How do I sign up?
Office hours are from 2-5pm on Tuesday, 5-8pm on Wednesday and 9AM-Noon on Thursday. To sign up, please e-mail Amy Rosengarden at amy@tjgt.com to request a slot ONCE YOU HAVE ACQUIRED YOUR CBM MEMBERSHIP. On Wednesdays, Travis Measley is also available for office hours – to set up time with him, e-mail travism@tjgt.com

7) Can I request more than 1 private mentoring meeting with CBM advisors outside of office hours?
Yes, you can request additional time during normal business hours Monday-Friday, but you will be charged a $75 fee if requesting time outside of office hours.

8) What if I miss a webinar or Q & A session?
No worries! All webinars and conference calls will be recorded and posted to the Facebook page for viewing.

9) How many ranked events will I need to participate in to fulfill my obligation as a CBM member?
To continue to qualify to receive the CBM benefits, you must play in at least 1 TJGT event each semester and 1 in the summer. HOWEVER, playing in three elite-level events a year is not going to be enough to get you noticed by college coaches, so you need to play as many as you can, be them TJGT, AJGA, USGA or other 2- or 3-day events. You do not show up in Golfweek or JGS rankings until you have completed 4 events. High school events DO NOT count for Golfweek Rankings, as they are not nationally ranked, and college coaches pay little attention to high school events.

10) Are there yardage minimums for ranked events?
Yes, college coaches make evaluations based on these yardages and how they translate to college golf both nationwide and internationally.

11) Can I use my high school or other non-ranked events for my resume?
Yes, we encourage you to place your best high school and non-ranked events on your resume especially at the district, regional and state levels, but high school events need to be included only if they are your very best scores. Remember, college coaches pay most attention to TJGT-level events and higher; high school tournaments carry much less weight. We will teach you to write a proper golf/academic resume as part of your CBM package.

12) What if I cannot afford to play AJGA PBE level tours or individual events?
We understand finances can be difficult, but CBM advisors will work with you to maximize your exposure to scholarship opportunities given the available funds.

13) What constitutes an academic or golf scholarship offer?
Any financial aid offered by any NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA institution constitutes an offer. Golf is a non-revenue sport and scholarships are offered from 1%-100%.

14) Can I register for the CBM membership as late as my senior year?
Yes, you can, but if you wait until after October 15th of your senior year, you are joining the party very late, and it will be much more difficult to find a place to play, especially if you have not been in contact with college coaches before signing up. So sign up EARLY!!